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Registered Charity Number 235773

This poster will be displayed nationwide on Network Rail and the London Tube over the

Autumn and Winter 2013/2014.

Site updated 27/09/2013

Do you love God’s Word?

Do you live in or near Chelmsford?

Do you have free time?

Bible Text needs you......More

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The Bible Text Publicity Mission has permission to use Rembrandt’s famous etching of the Three Crosses on a series of posters during the next few months.  See Mainline Poster Display Details.   We regret that because we have paid for a licence for a limited number of prints we cannot supply this poster to churches or H.M. Prisons.  There is a watermark on the image on this page for reasons of copyright.  However if you would like to view the work of art follow this link to the British Museum website.


At this present time there is no CEO. The mission has appoint a number of volunteer managing trustees. Mr Martin Lawrence is managing trustee for advertising contracts and campaign implementation. Mr Jeff Potter continues to man the helpline but has stepped up to be managing trustee in-house printing. Mrs Rose Caplin continues as treasurer. Chair Jean Campart has become co-ordinating managing trustee. Additionally a  number of Chelmsford based volunteers have come forward during the last days of service of our outgoing CEO. Time has been spent rehearsing new tasks. The mission goes live and will be carrying on as usually from the 1st September.
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