What we do…

BTPM Poster Woodford StationBible Text Publicity Mission is dedicated to presenting the gospel on posters in public places.

We have been a mission since 1922, when we first literally put the gospel in the sky with aerial sky messages. Since then we have developed a ministry which places the good news before the travelling public, especially on train station platforms in regular campaigns.

Our main aim is to encourage, comfort and edify travellers with a message of hope and verses from the Bible which they can take with them on their journey.

We also offer a service to people who would just like a chat with someone who cares about them. You can call Jeff Potter, who is a full time Chaplain, based in London, knows people, and has helped many travellers and railway staff over many years of his missionary life.

If you want to talk, call Jeff now on 07943 32 1919, and he’ll lend a listening ear.

Stay tuned or more posts about the work we do, poster campaigns, news, views and developments at Bible Text Publicity Mission.

Be blessed!

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